Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools

List of Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools

The world of digital marketing is a lot different in the past than today. The very first marketing tool is word-of-mouth. A tradesman in history became known through referrals from their clients and the community. Today’s marketing is a blend of strategy and technology. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes that digital marketing has evolved from trade to tech. As such, brands and businesses should have a list of must-have digital marketing tools. 


The marketing strategy of brands and businesses today focuses on online visibility. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, the Internet has significantly changed consumer behaviors. Instead of hopping from one physical store to another, modern consumers would rather search for products and services online. It is the main reason why brands and businesses need digital marketing tools. They need to increase online visibility. They also need to effectively deliver their message to searchers online.

Digital marketing tools are important in promoting products and services among search engines, social media pages, and other online channels. They help connect brands to their target audiences to convert them into customers and loyal followers. They help businesses build a sustainable community of patrons who are continuously making a purchase.

Marketing tools are also important for brands and businesses to know their real-time inventories. As they sync product catalogs across multiple platforms, it will be easier for them to know which commodities are in demand or not. They provide insights on how ads and campaigns help in boosting conversion, especially sales.

Last, marketing tools can help brands and businesses provide continuous support to their existing customer base. Through artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning, they make it possible to provide 24/7 support.


If you are looking to improve your online marketing strategy, here is a list of must-have digital marketing tools. 

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. If you want to get more traffic from searches and improve your SEO performance, then Ahrefs Webmaster Tools can help. It is a free yet comprehensive SEO tool. Ahrefs can help you check how your competitors generate backlinks and high-traffic pages. As such you can replicate such a campaign to outcompete them. 
  • Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder. It is a free chrome extension used to save screen recordings and screenshots. Using unique shareable links via, brands and businesses can share images and videos instantly. 
  • Buzzstream. Buzzstream is designed to make email outreach easy.  If you engage in influencer marketing, this digital marketing tool can help you find the biggest influencers in your niche. It is also an effective tool to build communities by getting more coverage, links, and traffic.
  • BuzzSumo. It is a content research tool and, at the same time, an influencer identifier. With BuzzSumo, you can generate new content ideas and high-performing posts. When you are stuck with specific content creation, try its content analyzer and topic explorer to keep your thoughts moving creatively.
  • ConvertKit. When professional bloggers and content marketers create something, make it known with ConvertKit. Run ultra-targeted email campaigns using such a tool. Here, you can easily set up auto-responders and segment subscribers based on categories and interests.
  • CoSchedule. Every marketing team needs to collaborate. CoSchedule makes it easy to do so. This must-have digital marketing tool organizes all marketing activities in one platform. CoSchedule has a simple and uncluttered interface. It makes all your content marketing organized in one place. All team members can sync and view a content calendar to make everything perfect.
  • Feedly. Keep up with topics and trends you care about. Feedly is an app where you can check blogs, news, and trends. It allows feed personalization to keep up with what’s going on without being overwhelmed.
  • Google Analytics. If you need to analyze marketing data to make smarter decisions, Google Analytics can give you complete information. It analyzes and tracks web traffic. By analyzing the who, what, and where of data, it is the most comprehensive free analytics tool.
  • Google Trends. Explore what the world is searching for via Google Trends. It is a free trend search tool that ranks the popularity of terms according to traffic. This must-have digital marketing tool can help brands and businesses know what the online audiences are interested in.
  • HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. If you are challenged in coming up with new content ideas, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator can think of ideas for you. All you need to do is plug in the keywords and the tool will list shiny content ideas and topics for a year’s worth.
  • KeySearch. KeySearch is keyword research made easy. It helps you find low competition relevant keywords for your blog, niche, or website. It also ranks them based on how many searches each keyword receives monthly.
  • MailChimp. Do you want to build a brand and sell online on one platform? MailChimp integrates marketing and eCommerce tools to help you run your business. It is an all-in-one email marketing platform. It allows brands and businesses to create email templates and manage email lists. With a free-forever option, you can automate your marketing campaign.
  • PiktoChart. Do you love to post social media visuals? With PiktoChart, you don’t need any graphic design skills to create and share engaging visuals for brands and businesses. You can turn any data or text into visual stories using the free library of designs, graphics, infographics, and other templates.
  • Pocket. Save articles, videos, and stories from any app, page, or publication instantly. Pocket is a content discovery tool that functions as a bookmark folder for ideas, inspirations, and reading lists. Save things for later by putting knowledge in your Pocket. 
  • Tailwind. Are you solely responsible for advertising and marketing? With Tailwind, you can instantly have a new team. It is a digital marketing toolkit for Instagram and Pinterest. This must-have digital marketing tool serves as a smart assistant to schedule IG posts and Pinterest pins. It publishes them during the time when it will most likely maximize engagement.
  • Wave Video. A video marketing agency Hong Kong uses Wave Video, the best video hosting, and video maker platform. It is an easy-to-use video creation, editing, and repurposing tool. With Wave’s stock of audio clips, captions, and images, brands and businesses can enhance their videos for promotional ads and social media posting.
  • Yoast SEO Plugin. If you are using WordPress to power your blog site, Yoast SEO Plugin can help you attract more website visitors and increase social media engagement. By entering keywords or key phrases, Yoast SEO Plugin can run a check if your content has enough keywords positioned in the right spots.