40 PPC Tools to Improve Your Online Presence

40 PPC Tools to Improve Your Online Presence

More than half of the world’s population has a social media account, and more than two-thirds owned a mobile device. That is why digital marketing is very important for a brand or business. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed consumers’ behaviors. From brick-and-mortar stores, many people prefer shopping in digital shops. It is because they have already experienced the convenience and safety of being able to buy something while in bed, drinking coffee, or watching TV, as a social media agency Hong Kong says. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights that people normally bought products online after watching a video on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

All these ads that you see on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are called pay-per-click (PPC). It means brands and businesses pay advertisement feeds for every ad that a user clicks. So, technically, PPC means buying website visits from social media platforms. An effective PPC results in a high return on ad spend (ROAS). Here are its common benefits for brands and businesses:

  • It allows you to run multiple ads and campaigns for a specific keyword.
  • It gives more brand exposure and reaches.
  • It has higher click-through rates, conversions, and sales revenue than other types of ads.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It provides instant website traffic.


Ad Creation

  • Canva is a free design tool for creating PPC banners, logos, social media ads, posts, YouTube thumbnails, etc.
  • Creatopy creates a single banner or an entire banner set of different sizes in one go. Its monthly plan starts at $7.
  • Gifntext is a free interface for creating animated text and GIFs.
  • Giphy is a free platform for creating celebrity GIFs, cute pets, funny clips, and memes.
  • Lumen5 decreased the cost per download by 5 times.  It is a drag and drop interface for animated text, image-based videos, and sound effects. Its monthly plan starts at $29.
  • SEMrush Ad Builder helps brands and businesses discover ad copy competitors and ideas for PPC. Its monthly plan starts at $99.
  • Snappa helps you create graphics for your display and social media campaigns. It offers templates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., posting. Its monthly plan starts at $10.

Bid Automation

  • Acquisio is a management platform for Bing Facebook, GDN, Google, and programmatic ads. It also has a local ad tool for local PPC. Its monthly plan starts at $300.
  • Adespresso is a cross-platform ad manager for Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Its monthly plan starts at $69.
  • Adstage is a unified platform for managing Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, and YouTube PPC. Its monthly plan starts at $149.
  • Optmyzr is an advanced bid management platform. It helps marketers adjust bids on an hourly basis. Its monthly plan starts at $499.
  • Wordstream Advisor helps brands and businesses analyze their PPC account, automate reporting, and save costs. Its monthly plan starts at $264.

Call Tracking

  • CallRail helps marketers track call analytics, data, and growth for Facebook, Google, and WordPress. Its monthly plan starts at $30.
  • Dialog Tech is a call tracker that can help with attribution, conversions, and more. It can be easily integrated with SalesForce and other CRMs.
  • Infinity has an integrated visitor tracker to see their marketing activities.
  • Invoca is an AI-powered call tracker that can be integrated with Facebook and Google.

Click Fraud Protection

  • Brand Verify offers brand protection for paid searches and web compliance. Its monthly plan starts at $799.
  • ClickCease shields ad campaigns against fraudulent clicks. Its monthly plan starts at $15.
  • PPCprotect is an award-winning SaaS for real-time monitoring to prevent click farms from emptying your budget. Its monthly plan starts at $29.

Initial Audit

  • AdAlisis Performance Analyzer offers a 14-day free trial. Its monthly plans start from $99. It provides a quick overview of your account and analyzes conversion rate, conversion value, cost per action (CPA), and click-through rate (CTR).
  • Wordstream Performance Grader scans Google ads account for free. It analyzes crunch metrics like account activity, ad text, CTR, impression share, negative keywords, quality score, landing page optimization, and long-tail-keyword optimization.

Keyword Research

  • Google Keyword Planner is a free Google tool you cannot skip. With one seed keyword and a specified location, you can search for a lot of term ideas with different CPCs and search volumes.
  • SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool works like Google Keyword Planner. Many brands and businesses use this for SEO. But it offers a lot of valuable data for PPC. SEMrush boasts the largest global keyword database with over 10.6 billion seeds grouped semantically. Its monthly plan starts at $99.
  • SEMrush PPC Keyword Tool allows finding competitors’ keywords, long-tail matches, mixed wordings, and semantically related keywords. It helps marketers clean, cross-group, and group keywords before uploading on Google ads. Its monthly plan starts at $99.

Landing Page Creation

  • Google Sites offers free landing pages integrated with other Google services.
  • Instapage is a message–matched landing page for PPC. Its monthly plan starts at $99.
  • Unbounce is a drag and drops page builder with post-click analytics on A/B tests, experiments, and visitor stats. Its monthly plan starts at $79.
  • Wishpond allows the creation of automation tasks and social pop-ups. Its monthly plan starts at $49.
  • Wix helps personalized landing pages for PPC even without coding experience. It is a freemium app.


  • AnyTrack is a seamless tracker for analytics and conversion data on Bing, Facebook, and Google. Its monthly plan starts at $50.
  • OWOX BI is an all-in-one marketing analytics platform that automatically collects and processes all CRM data for PPC. Its monthly plan starts at $42.
  • SunnyReports is an ad manager tool showing clicks, conversions, CTRs, etc., in blocks and diagrams. Its monthly plan starts at $15.
  • Supermetrics collects important reports for Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter ads, etc. Its monthly plan starts at $19.

Shopping Campaign Tools

  • Adaplo is a free scanner for device & location bid modifiers, negative keywords, shopping campaigns, etc.
  • Channable sends products to affiliate networks, price comparison websites, or marketplaces globally. Its monthly plan starts at €29.
  • Datafeedwatch allows merchants to optimize product feeds on shopping channels. Its monthly plan starts at $34.
  • Optymyzr maximizes Bing and Google campaign performances by setting up PLA campaigns faster. Its monthly plan starts at $499.
  • SEMrush PLA Analytics is a shopping performance grader that can help you reverse engineer your competitors. Its monthly plan starts at $99.

Split Testing

  • Optimizely allows 2 versions of the A/B test altogether in real-time to see which ads perform better.
  • Quatrics Ad Testing validates ad concepts by testing them to sample audiences.

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