LinkedIn Post Ideas for Beginners

LinkedIn Post Ideas for Beginners

LinkedIn is the only social network dedicated to professionals. Around 14 years ago, it was a place where companies find employees and job hunters find companies. Today, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the importance of LinkedIn to nurture a community and connect to decision-makers to influence sales.

As a social media agency Hong Kong explained, LinkedIn is more important than Facebook for business-to-business (B2B) marketing. It has emerged as an effective lead generation platform. It is also the most popular social media platform among business owners. It is because LinkedIn is the perfect market for thought leadership.

Do you want to grow your business through LinkedIn Marketing? Here are some LinkedIn post ideas for beginners.


In 2002, LinkedIn was created in the living room of Reid Hoffman’s home. Reid was a venture capitalist. He teamed up with four other individuals to build the LinkedIn network. These are:

  • Allen Blue, product designer
  • Erik Lee, an engineer
  • Jean-Luc Vaillant, an engineer
  • Konstantin Guericke, a marketing expert

On the 5th of May 2003, the LinkedIn website was launched. By the end of 2003, there were 245 LinkedIn members, all of which are professional connections of the founders. LinkedIn started posting job listings and subscription services in 2005. This is right after exceeding the 1 million membership mark. In 2008, LinkedIn went global with its growth hitting a big milestone of 90 million members in 2010. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016. After a year, there are a total of 500 million LinkedIn users in 200 countries.

It was in 2013 when LinkedIn allowed ads or sponsored content. The platform acquired Bizo to power ad targeting. Account targeting was launched in 2016, paving the way for lead generation forms in 2017. A video marketing agency Hong Kong noted that video ads were introduced in 2018. They allow marketers more storytelling options on LinkedIn. Today, LinkedIn offers massive opportunities for growing a network, standing at  800 million monthly active users (MAU).


First, you will need to decide on the categories and topics that you may want to cover. Second, decide on the interval of posting you’ll cover. Unlike other social media pages where you will need to post daily, posting on LinkedIn once or twice a week is much better. Finally, you can create a framework with the posting formula you want to achieve.


Graphics and photos are great ways to stop users from scrolling in their LinkedIn feeds. They are ideal for covering the latest events, promoting products & services, or sharing a picture of your team. When posting images on LinkedIn, it pays to use original visuals.

Native Videos

LinkedIn native videos have proven to significantly boost engagement. Brands and businesses can share clips of up to 10 minutes via Linked for mobile and up to 15 minutes via LinkedIn for desktop. To find the sweet spot, test longer LinkedIn videos over short snippets.


Brands and businesses can conduct basic market research using LinkedIn polls. The feature also allows them to float an idea or get to know their audiences more. To create a LinkedIn poll, start a post on a LinkedIn business page then, add up to 4 questions plus a time frame. The post can include up to 3,000 characters.

Text Posts

Drive traffic, generate leads, and inspire engagement through text posts. Start with a compelling hook. Make the first 5 lines count as the “See more…” page break appears after the 5 lines of a LinkedIn text post. Through LinkedIn text posts, you can share a cliffhanger, a new solution, an industry secret, etc.