Idea Pins

Tips for Making Idea Pins

Pinterest is a visual search engine to find ideas and inspiration. From food recipes, home improvement, and styles in fashion, the platform has evolved into an eCommerce hub as a social media agency Hong Kong noted. With billions of pins, pinners will always find new brands, products, and services.

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, Pinterest now has 431 million monthly active users (MAU).  Around 2 billion searches were made in the platform monthly with 77% of pinners discovering 144 million new product uploads. In September 2020, Pinterest launched idea pins. They are revamped story pins showing on the Pinterest home feed. Below, let us discover some tips for making idea pins.

What Are Idea Pins?

As mentioned, idea pins are revamped story pins. According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, an idea pin allows brands and businesses to upload up to 20 images, text, and videos. As such, it gives all the information a pinner needs to craft art, make a recipe, or try a creator’s idea. Idea pins also allow shoppable tags for pinners to directly buy a product on the app. With idea pins, pinners can comment, react, or save the pin to a Pinterest board. One cannot save individual pages from idea pins.

Tips for Making Idea Pins

Pinterest encourages creators to put their passion in the front and center of idea pins. The platform note that the best stories do not just tell something. Instead, they show it! So, the goal of an idea pin is to take people on a journey of moving from inspiration to realization. The foundation of a great idea pin is picking a great topic. Pinterest noted that it is easier to create idea pins if you are excited about the topic. Pinterest shared some tips for a creative flowing of idea pins.


Idea pins can be a great way to shoe pinners different ways to use the same ingredients, products, or objects. They can best be applied on comparing home decoration, recipe hacks, or stylish dressing. A good example of such a creative flow is the “Unconventional Southern Belle” by Shiquita Hyman sharing three ways to style the same vintage two-piece set.


Converse with pinners by asking for ideas for the next idea pins. Ask your followers or invite an expert to chat with you on air. It can start viewers commenting on their ideas. Do not forget to reply to these comments to thank them. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, a cooking creator, often collects questions from his followers for his next idea pin.

Give Quick Tips

Giving quick tips is a great strategy for idea pins. If you have any tips that do not need much explaining, you do not need to add text on images and videos. Only a short description will do the trick. Peter Kim noted making a lot of how-to pins. One of his favorite idea pins is how to keep a fish intact. Peter mentioned that pinners have been eating them up.


Teach new skills by walking pinners through each step. Product recommendations and tutorials can be great idea pins. At TheKWendyHome, creator Wendy walks pinners through a step-by-step process of building a floating centerpiece. It even includes some décor inspiration.


Creating idea pins can be as simple as recording live as you showcase a product or skill. Let pinners enjoy an authentic process without the need for type-up instructions or voiceovers. Wendy Taylor, a health and fitness creator, adopted such an approach by demonstrating core strength exercises.

Tell An Inspiring Story

An anecdote, blooper, or instant memory can shape personal growth. These can also be a strategy on idea pins. Nancy Chen used such an approach by sharing pottery practices. She demonstrates her lessons in chronological order to inspire pinners in improving their pottery skills.


Once you got a topic for your idea pin, do not forget to use Pinterest editing tools. Add fun and personal touch through music, stickers, etc. to draw your audience into it.