Facebook Organic Marketing in 2022.

Facebook Organic Marketing in 2022

There are two different categories of posts on Facebook. These are organic and paid posts. An organic Facebook post has been put up for free, while a paid Facebook post is put up with some spending to boost its reach. For a social media agency Hong Kong, an organic post commonly shows up on people who already followed a Facebook page, while paid posts show up to new audiences. But both of them can largen the reach of your Facebook page.

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the importance of consistently posting on Facebook. It makes you visible to users every day. At the same time, it promotes the retention of your loyal followers. That is why it is important to consistently create organic content for Facebook. They can serve as support to your paid Facebook posts. Below are some tips for successful Facebook organic marketing in 2022!

Continue Posting Engaging Visuals

Visuals are still the most popular Facebook posts. They can be images of generated graphics, product photos, memes, etc. They can liven a text and even have a significant influence on call-to-actions or CTAs. The key is to be strategic when you continue posting engaging visuals on your Facebook organic marketing in 2022. A graphic may convey a story. Or it may represent an idea in a section of your blog or readers to easily skim. Product images can also help highlight the most important or unique feature of an offering.

Continue Posting Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels are a TikTok clone. They are short music clips that can last up to 60 seconds. Reels can be seen on a dedicated Reels tab, the explore tab, and news feeds of both Facebook and Instagram. Through Reels, brands and businesses can take advantage of popular dances and songs on their organic marketing strategy. By relating the brand or business with these trends, they can boost engagement and reach.

Continue Posting Facebook Stories

According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, the most engaging Facebook organic marketing content in 2022 are still Facebook Stories. These full-screen vertical images and videos can now last p to 60-second. They can be posted within Facebook’s family of apps and shared in multiple channels. If you use Instagram Creator to post stories, you can also use stickers to link them to different websites. See to it that you have at least a story active daily. As such ephemeral content lasts within 24-hour, it is best to post at least 3 stories daily posted one at a time in the morning, noon, and evening. To make it easier, you can schedule stories via the Facebook Business Suite on desktop and mobile.

Take Advantage of Text-Based Posts with Colorful Backgrounds

Recently, Facebook enabled text-based posts with colorful backgrounds. The text caption serves as the post itself, and the background serves as the element of engagement. The background helps the text stand out as a style of Facebook organic marketing in 2022. Text-based posts with colorful backgrounds are a great option to put up quick engagements. A false comment question or fill-in-the-blank can boost comments and interactions. Alternatively, brands and businesses can also use them to highlight Facebook link posts. It is a link with a caption and can drive traffic to specific spots.

Upload Live and Recorded Videos

There are more than 4 billion video views on Facebook daily. It means that the videos can be very powerful in Facebook organic marketing in 2022. A live broadcast can help brands and businesses engage with their customers in real-time. Live shopping has proven to increase revenues and sales. While pre-recorded videos can offer a new perspective to highlight a new product or offering and an upcoming event.

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